Small Business Loans vs. Hard Money Loans: What’s The Difference?

Ambitious young biracial woman get loan approval paper letter from bank dream of new opportunity. Happy black female small business owner receive good news by mail in financial report think of profit

At Blú Capital, we mainly deal in financial tools for small businesses to thrive, including hard money loans, small business loans, and invoice factoring. While invoice factoring is our primary service (check out our blog on the topic here), we also help companies succeed through hard money loans and small business loans.  Often, we’re asked […]

Invoice Factoring & COVID-19: How Invoice Factoring Helps You

Over the past couple of years, being a small business owner has been tumultuous for most, and even fatal to business for a growing number of people. As the small business closures are beginning to rise back to pandemic highs, businesses are looking for every method at their disposal to stay afloat.  With mixed and […]