Hard Money Loans in El Paso

Quick Cash To Grow Your Business

Blú Capital offers hard money loan services in the U.S. and Mexico, in addition to our invoice factoring and business loan offerings. These loans are most often used in residential and commercial real estate ventures, either to purchase whole properties or renovate/remodel existing properties. With the real estate industry brimming with opportunity, now is a great time to bolster your real estate ventures with a quality loan.

Fixed-Rate Loans

One major benefit of hard money loans over conventional loans is a fixed interest rate. A fixed interest rate means that you can expect a steady payment amount monthly. To learn more about our interest rates, contact our team via phone or email.

The Pre-Approval Timeline

Our pre-approval phase can take as little as 24 hours to receive an answer from our team. This is because hard money loans are anchored by the equity in your property, rather than on the strength of your financial history. 

Upon approval, we can then quickly discuss the specifics and details of our loan offering and finally send a hard money loan within a few days or weeks. Our team knows how precious time can be, so we’ve streamlined the process to get you the money you need, fast.

Our Client-Centered Approach

Too often, lenders focus on their bottom line, even at the expense of their own clients. Not only does this go against our principles, but it also is simply not great business. Our aim is to help our clients thrive in their field and create genuine, fruitful relationships with our team. As a result, we can support our clients long-term and grow alongside them, which is a win-win for everyone involved. 

To achieve a great reputation among clients, we constantly refine our services to create an efficient, fruitful financing experience.

Common Hard Money Loan FAQs

Do you offer hard money loans to everyone?

Just like our business loans services, there is an approval process for our loans to ensure that we are a good fit with each potential client. We have streamlined our processes, however, allowing us to offer an answer regarding approval within 24hrs.

Why choose hard money loans over conventional business loans?

Hard money loans are typically easier to obtain, mainly because they use the equity in your property rather than your financial history to determine if the loan will be removed. These loans also are paid out much faster on average and typically come with a fixed interest rate.

How soon can I receive my hard money loan?

They are typically paid out in 1-2 weeks once the application is fully accepted and processed.

What kind of properties can a hard money loan finance?

Hard money lending can help you work with residential, commercial, and industrial properties. From small “fix and flip” residential projects to large apartment buildings and warehouses, loans can help you with the full spectrum of the real estate market.

Boost Your Real Estate Venture With Blú Capital!

Like our invoice factoring services, hard money loans are a quick way to access the cash you need to make decisions regarding your business. To begin the application process or have questions answered about the process, feel free to contact our team today via phone, email, or in-person.