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Invoice factoring is a fast-growing financial tool that has been used for decades but is now facing a resurgence in today’s modern economy. Blú Capital offers a highly-reviewed service for small businesses working in residential, commercial, and even industrial areas all across the USA and Mexico. 

Invoice factoring is a reliable way to access quick capital, minus the headaches and debt of traditional loans. To learn more about how factoring can support your business, contact our team today for a free consultation!

What Is Invoice Factoring?

Invoice factoring is a process in which a third-party company will purchase recent invoices from a business for a certain percentage of the total invoice amount. The third-party company will then collect on the invoices, while the business is able to acquire cash quickly. This differs from a hard money loan because the money has already been earned by the business, it simply has not been collected yet. 

Rather than wait, factoring simply allows businesses the option to receive that money quickly and reinvest in their operation. Finding out if factoring is right for you is relatively simple. The basic motivation for this type of service among small businesses is the ability to address business needs quickly. 

How Blú Capital Can Help

Blú Capital has been an ally to American and Mexican small businesses for years, marrying a focus on customer service and quality invoice factoring. We offer a robust, streamlined application process that allows your business to receive an advance within hours. Every minute matters in business, so we offer flexibility without the debt associated with a simple loan. 

Once we’ve worked with your business, we can continue to provide advice and support as you navigate your financial options. Our staff has years of experience across the spectrum of industries, giving us unique insights that we can pass on to our clients. We do everything we can to help those we work with prosper. The success of our clients is our true metric for our success.

Our Process In-Depth

To take advantage of modern technology and not waste precious time for clients, we’ve created an incredibly simple and straightforward process for clients. To begin, you can use our website to apply for factoring with information about your business, your invoices and other factors related to your business inquiry. Once we have verified your information, we will then approve or deny your factoring application within a few hours of submission. 

Upon approval, your team can then send in your invoices through our website, after which we will then send your company an advance on your invoices. Once you receive your advance, you’ll then be free to use that cash on any business expenses you need to address. 

Not only do we help businesses in the short term, but we also craft long-term relationships with clients and create custom services tailored to their industry and unique business offerings/conditions. Through these relationships, we’ve been able to constantly refine and improve our process, which benefits both our team and the businesses that rely on reliable factoring.

Industries We Work With

Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry can be notorious for long periods between completing a project and compensation. We can help your business get the money you are owed fast to pay for new parts, payroll, and other expenditures/investments. 


Trucking and transportation businesses know all too well that it can take weeks or months to be paid. With expenses related to truck maintenance, payroll, fuel, and more, it’s important to have capital on hand when you need it. 


In the manufacturing sector, the name of the game is flexibility and reliability. Invoice factoring helps manufacturing companies secure new equipment, procure raw materials, expand production quickly, and much more. 


It’s no secret that healthcare can be a prohibitively expensive industry for both practitioners and patients alike. Using factoring for your business can allow you to purchase new medical equipment, pay staff, acquire resources, and more.


Although we may not often consider it, staffing can take a great deal of capital to do correctly. Invoice factoring can afford staffing companies the opportunity to be more ambitious.


The energy sector is under rapid growth and change as populations and energy demands soar. As a result, it’s crucial to have capital on-hand to respond to those changes, making invoice factoring a wonderful option in this sector. 

Common Factoring Financing FAQs

How does it work?

Blú Capital buys your unpaid invoices and gives you an advance. When your client pays the full amount of the invoice we give you the total value of the invoice minus a small fee.

Is factoring a loan?

No. Many people tend to confuse these two terms but they are very different. Factoring financing is not a loan! It is a way for you to turn existing accounts receivable into cash. The factor actually purchases your receivables at a discount, so there is no interest to repay and no new debt on your balance sheet.

How can my company benefit from factoring?

You won’t have to depend on your client’s payment terms to have money any longer! You will have working capital to continue with your business operations and comply with your liabilities such as payroll, buying inventories, keep taking orders, and so on.

Will I qualify if I have less than perfect credit?

Yes! We make our funding decisions based on your customer’s credit rating and payment history.

Am I required to factor every invoice?

No. You have the ability to choose which clients you want to factor.

Is there a monthly minimum required?

No. You will not have to meet a monthly minimum volume to work with us.

How will the money be sent to me?

You’ll get a wire transfer to your preferred bank account. This will happen a few hours after you upload your invoice.

How quickly will I receive the funding?

It usually takes only a couple of hours to get your money.

What types of businesses use invoice factoring?

Every company that suffers from long payment terms can find invoice factoring useful. We have a vast amount of experience in small businesses but we specialize in manufacturing, medical devices, staffing, oilfield services, and transportation.

Where are you located?

We serve all states in the US directly from our offices located in El Paso, Texas. Our location at the border facilitates the coverage of our operations not only in the US but in Mexico.

How do I start factoring with Blú?

You just need to go to and fill the form on the “Get Started” button! Soon one of our team members will reach out. Or you can do it the old fashioned way and call us at (915) 860-0701 or (915) 264-8114

Access Quality Invoice Factoring Today!

Invoice factoring is a quick and easy way to get the cash you need when you need it. For more information about our services or to apply, don’t hesitate to contact us via phone, email, or by visiting our office!