Why Blú Capital is better than any bank


Banks remain the most widely used financial service today. However, when you require financing for your business, there are other options that are more in line with your particular growth needs. Here are some differences that make Blú Capital the best financing option for suppliers in the industry.

  1. Inclusivity

In a bank, they will normally require a certain size, a specific billing, certain years of experience in the business, etc. Documents that a business that has little experience does not have. At Blú we focus precisely on supporting those suppliers in the industry that are experiencing problems with their flow or require capital to expand their business.

  1. Online procedure

In banks, you may be able to send an email and receive the information to start the process of your credit, but there is still no process that allows you to request and receive a credit online. Blú Capital has developed its own platform, thus managing to offer a more agile, easy and pleasant experience for users who do not have time to go to stand in line somewhere.

  1. Personalized attention

Have you had to call a bank and try to talk to a person, but they have you on the line going from switch to switch to no avail? The size of the banks makes people stand far apart from each other.

In Blú when you request a loan, either through our website or social networks, you will get a response in less than 24 hours on business days. In addition, during the entire credit process you will be personally guided by one of our business developers.

  1. Quick Resolution

In Mexico, speaking in general terms, there are 3 types of credit: bank, fast and intermediate.

The banks and the fast ones are at the extremes and the only thing they have in common is that they lend money. The process, prices and requirements are very different.

Blú Capital, on the other hand, sits in the middle between these two opposites. You can find credits for industry suppliers offered by Blú Capital at an adequate price, with a simple procedure, few requirements and a reasonable waiting time.

  1. Personalized Financial Solutions

For several years, we have studied the operating cycle of industry providers, managing to create financial solutions that adapt to each stage of your growth and need. From the moment you receive your purchase order, to the creation of new lines of business, Blú Capital has your entire operation covered.

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