Invoice Factoring & Hard Money Loans in El Paso

Your Invoices Paid in Hours!

Blú Capital is here to supply all the financial resources your company ever needs. With our invoice factoring services, we’ll purchase your accounts receivables for cash. This ensures the growth of your business by providing the cash you need in hours. 

For top-notch invoice factoring services that stretch across the United States and Mexico, trust Blú Capital!

Is Blú Capital for Me?

When working with customers or other businesses, it’s not uncommon for money to take weeks or several months to come in. If you have expenses or projects that need immediate cash to be addressed, those long timelines simply won’t cut it. This is where invoice factoring comes in. 

After transferring your Accounts Receivable to Blú Capital, your cash flow and business will expand. By allowing us to take over your Accounts Receivable, you will have more freedom to focus on your business. If you don’t want to wait weeks or months for your cash, Blú Capital can help.

At Blú Capital, we set ourselves apart with our ease of access, expertise, and genuine care that makes our invoice factoring services unique. When you contact us, you speak with a team with over 30 years of experience across dozens of industries and hundreds of businesses. We are also able to purchase a wide range of invoice amounts, allowing you to customize your factoring experience to exactly what your small business needs.

Our services allow for:
In addition, Blú Capital is also a part of the International Factoring Association (IFA) and the American Factoring Association (AFA). These bodies ensure that we operate on the highest level in terms of service and ethics. Simply put, you can be confident in entrusting us with your business’s future.

Our Presence Across America and Mexico

We are proud to work alongside hundreds of successful business owners all across the United States and Mexico. Our international presence offers you the opportunity of handling your finances in both Dollars and Pesos.

It truly is that simple to get the money you are owed quickly and efficiently.

Our Experience in Invoice Factoring for Many Industries

Invoice factoring is a cash flow tool for almost any B2B company. As long as goods or services are being provided from one business to another and an invoice is given (usually payable within 15 to 120 days). 

Blú Capital has experience providing factoring services to many different industries including, but not limited to, the following:

Let's Grow Your Company Together!

At Blú Capital, we take pride in providing the best financing services in North America.

We work hard every day to provide small business owners just like you, access to immediate cash when they need it. By combining the latest advancements in technology with the expertise and care of our Blú team, we’re able to serve business owners with efficiency, simplicity, and honesty.

If you need funds to get your business moving in the direction of your vision, our team at Blú Capital is excited to work with you. Visit our offices or contact us via email or phone to begin!